Meenakshi stems out of the designer’s journey for exploration, reverence for design and love for detail in the architecture of the temple towns in Tamil Nadu, India. The road trip started at magnificent Meenakshi Temple in Madurai and ended at Mahabalipuram. The intricately carved pillars around the central pond of Madurai Meenakshi temple; the earthy dome (gopuram) of the Thanjavur’s Brihadeeshwara temple; the beautifully painted, bright gopuram and the elaborate architecture of Sri Rangam’s Ranganathaswamy temple and the monolith Shore temple of Mahabalipuram served as the designer’s inspiration for the season’s collection. The collection reflects the intricate workmanship and enduring beauty of these glorious temple towns through elegant designs, earthy colour palettes and prints.

The collection ‘Meenakshi’ is named after the first temple the designer visited. Bespoke prints derived from the architecture details, hand embroidered traditional lehengas, long dresses and anarkalis in south Indian style are unique to this collection.